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       Welcome to Black Watch Burlington Soccer Club

The mission at Black Watch Premier Burlington Soccer Club is to create a soccer environment that offers professional coaching to develop players' technique and understanding of the game. With the merger of Burlington Catamounts Soccer Club and Black Watch, our goal will be to raise the standard of instruction for both our club level players as well as our Academy/ Premier Level Players. We aim to also build a process and Club foundation that reaches all levels, abilities and is able to help everyone advance not only as players but in life. At BWP, our members create opportunities through their hard work and dedication. Our staff is here as mentors to help aid that process.

Fee's Include:

* All coaching fee (Director of Programming, Director of Coaching, Coaching Staff)

* All indoor and outdoor facility training time

* Registration ( Vermont Soccer Association )

* Goal Keeper Training

* All Administrative and Management Fee's

Late payments may lead to player suspension from competition and training. Special payment arrangements will be considered on a case by case basis and with a payment contract. Please contact BW administrator with requests prior to payment due dates.